What scientists are working on to find a cure for coronavirus COVID-19

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Past series have seen hilarious catastrophes and stunning, lip-smacking surprises, something which makes the celebrity incarnation of the cookery series stand out from the crowd. Here are the 20 celebrities ready to put their palates and their chopping and mixing skills to the test for judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode. Eight celebs have made it through the semi-finals and will take on challenges including a mass catering challenge at an event for the charity Guide Dogs for the Blind and preparing a dish for top chef Aldo Zilli.

Make sure you’ve got your BT box to series record, because you could easily miss the dramatic finale to this year’s series. After four weeks of Heats, the remaining contestants battle it out in three episodes this week, airing on Wednesday July 29 and Thursday July Get Me Out of Here!

The March/April issue of BBC World Histories magazine is now on harrowing stories of servicemen who witnessed atomic experiments.

Nightfall is a new interactive multiplayer game for eight to year olds. A thrilling social gaming experience for pre-teens, Nightfall has initially been released on Beta at www. Nightfall is a game of contrasting worlds, moving from serene surrealism to eerie, darker realms where players become immersed into a bizarre dream world as soon as they drift off to sleep. They become Nightfallers goodies driven to explore increasingly difficult dreamscapes as they encounter and defeat the Knags baddies , to stop them invading and turning dreams into nightmares.

The idea behind creating a multiplayer game was to encourage children to work together — with all of the benefits associated with teamwork and learning to be a team player. By working together the players can defeat an adversary, played out within a safe and positive online space. We were tasked with producing a full, digital-focused brand identity for Nightfall, covering everything from logo to tone of voice and colour palettes which then informed the offline and out of game character development.

The overriding aim of this was to ensure Nightfall stands out with a clear and consistent brand message that can be applied across all media. Collectively, we treated Nightfall as a brand ecosystem rather than a game — and that meant creating a full set of digital-first brand guidelines to direct the evolution of the game, with core elements that work across every application.

The direction was for Nightfall to feel totally new.

Animal Testing: Monkeys, Rats and Me, BBC Two, 27 November 2006

Mathematician Dating Hannah Experiment wants to use him as her guinea pig to test whether the algorithms that dating sites use to match people actually work. While Hannah builds a dating site, Xand meets the scientists investigating online dating – and learns what pictures to use and what to write in his profile. He tries out a ‘bot’ that has and a swiping app and has an MRI scan to find out whether his brain is equipped for love.

Fifty members of the public take part in some mini-experiments at a date night – dating Xand goes on various dates hipster test whether the algorithm is better size him choosing randomly. See all episodes from Horizon.

We prisonstudy the original BBC programme, and used a piece of software called ‘Interlude’ to Cupid on the horizon online dating experiment to women?

From keto to intermittent fasting, diets have long held a tricky place in society: some people swear by them, whereas others worry about the risk of fads and experiments. Developed by Dr Michael Mosley, the Fast diet makes some bold claims, including supposedly cutting your risk of type 2 diabetes , heart disease and cancer and, because the first stage is a very low-calorie diet VLCD , possibly reverse type 2 diabetes.

The Fast is structured in stages and starts with a rapid weight loss phase, which lasts for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of During the first stage, people follow a daily eating plan where they consume a maximum of calories — either by using a VLCD meal replacement product which supplies calories normally equivalent to three shakes combined with calories of vegetables; or someone can choose to eat lean protein sources and vegetables.

Stage one is designed to switch the body from burning sugar to burning fat by prompting mild ketosis. The second stage of the plan involves intermittent fasting, restricting calories to a day for two days of the week, then eating a healthy, low carb Mediterranean diet for the other five days. The diet aims to help those with potential health risks posed by excess stored fat, such as diabetes. However, any diet can become unhealthy when not followed properly, and such rapid weight loss claims caused many to question how sustainable or healthy the diet is.

As Channel 4 aired the first part of a documentary on the diet on Friday 5 August, a leading UK eating disorder charity posted a message of support for those who could struggle from such content. Furthermore, the NHS advises that people should generally consume more than calories. Follow Metro across our social channels, on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

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Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. COVID is caused by a new strain of coronavirus, which means no-one has any immunity when they are first exposed to it. This means when it comes to cures for COVID, while scientists can draw on what we know about other viruses, in many ways they’re starting from scratch.

The start of this experiment seemed to be a programme editor’s dream: a hitherto as possible, the BBC designated the date for the ‘switch on’ – 10 September.

Horizon is a current and long-running BBC popular science and philosophy documentary programme. Series one was broadcast in and as of July [update] is in its 56th series. Over 1, episodes have been broadcast including specials with an average of 23 episodes per series during the year run. Scientists are gradually finding out why dirty air is so harmful to ill persons with Dr.

Bartholomew’s Hospital ; The Model Makers : Whenever the things they study are too big, too far off, or too hot to handle, scientists can make a model of these-but can they be sure their models truly represent reality? Each of the seven episodes takes information and clips from previous edition of Horizon and updates them with current thinking on each of the topics at hand. These are similar in format to the current ‘Horizon Guide’ special episodes. The video game industry is a global phenomenon.

There are over 1. But their very popularity fuels the controversy that surrounds them.

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Dr Michael Mosley makes disturbing revelations about how far scientists were prepared to go with their theories and experiments on the brain in a deft new three-part BBC series exploring the history of experimental psychology and mind control. Mosley looks, too, at how brainwashing was used on American PoWs during the Korean War, discusses the effects of electric shock treatment and explores how drugs, such as LSD, and even light can alter the mind.

In tonight’s first episode Mosely is playing guinea pig in a controlled lab experiment where he takes the class A hallucinogenic drug psilocybin the active ingredient of magic mushrooms to try to understand how its mind-bending properties can alter the brain. Michael Mosley takes psilocybin, a hallucinogenic drug. History’s most sinister brain experiments.

Nightfall – Our scariest branding project to date for the BBC’s new It’s been extremely rewarding and allowed us to experiment within a new.

A sneak peek of David Attenborough ‘s new documentary has been released, five weeks ahead of its release date. A Life On Our Planet will drop in cinemas across the globe on 28th September, with a Netflix release date to follow in the autumn. Wildlife charity WWF, who co-produced the film with Sir David, have now given a taste of what’s to come with a brand new clip from the long-awaited doc released on Thursday. Announcing the new clip in a statement, WWF said: “The film, which serves as Attenborough’s witness statement for the natural world, will screen in select cinemas across the UK, the Netherlands, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Australia and New Zealand, before being released widely to theatres in those territories.

Now, for the first time he reflects upon both the defining moments of his lifetime as a naturalist and the devastating changes he has seen. It added: “Honest, revealing and urgent, David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet is a powerful first-hand account of humanity’s impact on nature and a message of hope for future generations. A trailer released earlier this year comprises a dazzling compilation of clips from the Attenborough archive, moving from black and white footage of some of his earliest documentaries to the present day.

Keith Scholey, co-founder of Silverback Films and director of the film, added: “Recently, all of us have experienced the impacts of COVID – a devastating consequence of our broken relationship with the natural world. He not only addresses why we must urgently mend our relationship with nature, but also offers solutions to ensuring a safe and sustainable future for our planet and its people.

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Sign up now for local breaking news alerts Subscribe. Meal plan delivery services have become very popular as many people try to cope with COVID-related schedule changes. But some prepared meals may leave you disappointed. Featured false. Wildfire grows near Penticton Air Date: August 20, School plans concern mom of special needs boy Air Date: August 20,

In her new BBC series African Renaissance, the writer asks: what would the as well as to systems of date and time that shun global convention. such as Meshack Oiro are creating fusion pieces that experiment with form.

A nationwide survey led by The University of Manchester and BBC Radio 4 has found that year olds experience loneliness more often and more intensely than any other age group. Over 55, people took part in the BBC Loneliness Survey, which explored attitudes and personal experiences of the issue, making it the biggest survey of its kind. Description A nationwide survey led by The University of Manchester and BBC Radio 4 has found that year olds experience loneliness more often and more intensely than any other age group.

It said that 40 per cent of people aged 16 to 24 reported feeling lonely, compared with 29 per cent of those aged 65 to 74 and 27 per cent of people over People have provided valuable insights into when and how loneliness is experienced, how it relates to age, being alone, caring responsibilities, employability and discrimination. Those findings suggest we need to be kinder to ourselves when we feel disconnected from others, but also that there is a whole toolkit of potential solutions that we can try.

Researchers Pamela Qualter. Schools Manchester Institute of Education. Keywords loneliness, social media, mental health. Pamela Qualter.

Bad Dates: Episode 4 – Flirty date