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The largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world, Huffy Corporation is the parent company of four wholly owned subsidiaries that operate in two distinct business segments: consumer products and retail services. Washington Inventory Service employed a national workforce that provided inventory service to retailers. Huffy Service First operated as the only national concern to provide in-store and in-home product assembly and repair services to retailers. Huffy grew out of the Huffman Manufacturing Company, which was founded in Founder Horace M. Huffman, Sr. Huffman, who owned the Davis Sewing Machine Company from to

CPSC, Huffy Bicycle Company Announce Recall of “Cranbrook” Bicycles Sold at Wal-Mart

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. August 20, , PM. Hey Brian: It is the first number of the serial number. I believe yours is a I have heard others say they only made them until 69 but I don’t think that is correct.

CPSC, Huffy Bicycle Company Announce Recall of “Cranbrook” Bicycles Sold at Wal-Mart.

The company manufactured sewing machines to a design by Job Davis – hence the name. In the company got into financial difficulties and was bought by George Huffman who moved the company to Dayton, Ohio. In George Huffman introduced the manufacture of bicycles. This was quite a common diversification at the time – the three great mass-produced precision-engineered goods of the time were sewing machines, machine guns and bicycles – and if you could make one of these you could probably make the other two.

Sewing machines and bicycles had another synergy in areas with a continental climate – sewing machines sold during the long, cold winters and bicycles sold in sun drenched summers. In Huffy proudly declared that it was the biggest selling bicycle brand in the US and in Huffy claimed to have sold over million bicycles in its history. Huffy exists to this day, although I suspect that all its bikes are manufactured in the Far East – and are much the better for that.

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The Huffy Corporation is a supplier of bicycles with headquarters in Dayton , Ohio. It has its roots in when George P. Huffman, Sr. During the s, Huffman participated in the revival of the American cycling industry, during which Horace Huffman commented on a “change of attitude”. In , Huffman developed the Huffy Convertible, which was a children’s bicycle with rear training wheels and foot steps.

By , a Huffy logo was created and Huffman switched all its bicycles to the Huffy brand.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huffy Bikes. All opinions are entirely my own. One of the fondest memories of my childhood is riding bikes with my family. Now, my boyfriend and I enjoy spending time riding our matching Huffy Bicycles. With kids today growing up in the digital age, I feel like people are spending less time outdoors. Huffy has partnered with the non-profit Together We Rise to donate bikes to foster families across the US.

Through this partnership, they hope to encourage riding as a family. Huffy Bicycles are high-quality, stylish, and— most importantly— even more affordable with their current promotion.

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From traveling around the country for pristine lifestyle photos to in-studio product photography, this relationship shows what it means to be a meaningful partner with OMS Photo. Starting in August of , our photographer Matt Witherspoon has been capturing the fun bicycles and toys of Huffy and their affiliated brands. A beautiful shot of a bike on a foggy pier – regatta huffy bike Photographer: Matt Witherspoon.

Rather than settling with simple products shot on white backgrounds, they saw the value in getting their bikes out into a real-world setting and getting genuinely amazing talent to represent the brand. All of this was designed to make Huffy stand out while listing products with retailers such as Amazon and Walmart; and for use in various advertising media, including digital, print, and video. Lifestyle shot of a young group of friends with cool vintage style bikes Photographer: Matt Witherspoon.

At the risk of receiving tons of Huffys stink posts, I am hoping that someone could help me date this bike I just picked up. (Although Huffy’s aren’t.

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Do you love the classic curves in the tubing of a cruiser that takes you back to the ‘s and ‘s, stylistically? Here’s your home!

Riding Through Life with Huffy Bicycles

Are you visiting the Naples area and leaving your bike at home? Are you looking to have an incredibly fun afternoon with visiting friends or family? Are you itching to try out a new bike?

In Huffy proudly declared that it was the biggest selling bicycle brand in the US and in Huffy claimed to have sold over million bicycles in its.

There seems to be little rhyme or reason to a lot of the early serial numbers seen on Huffman bicycles. The below examples are what are generally found. Notice some of these numbering systems overlap years and may be specific to how the bike was branded for example the Firestone bikes. Determining the exact year of a bike is usually done based on the frame design as well as other features on the bike. Another way to date a lot of bicycles is by looking at the back of the fork crown which will have either two or three numbers e.

I have seen the month and year reversed as well. In the example below there is also a number 2 underneath. Most, but not all, have another number or numbers as well as the year stamp below the serial number.

Huffy Corporation

Huffy is in a unique position to leverage its strengths and provide that. We don’t carry overhead of mainstream IBD brands, such as the costs of a large sales force, catalogs, race team sponsorships and floor financing. We’re able to make a well-spec’d product, and offer dealers great margins, without the need for minimum buys, presale commitments, inventory requirements or complicated discount structures,” he added.

Along with the Team Crest ‘Huffy’ race bikes, Ben Serotta also built many of the Team 7-Eleven bikes. Date, 23 October (according to Exif data).

What are we looking at? The steel frame is made from Reynolds tubing, brazed into fairly typical racing bike geometry. The seat tube is laid-back at a shallow angle, giving the rider good leverage to muscle around a heavy gear. This is a medium to large bike, and the size seems odd. In this era seatposts were not intended to extend very far beyond the frame, likewise the handlebar stem is just a few inches above the top tube.

The saddle is a Brooks, handmade in England. Campagnolo furnishes some of the equipment of course with their hubs, shifters, and Gran Sport derailleurs managing the ten gear choices. There is a close-ratio Stronglight Crankset on the bike, a sensible choice for flat roads, not requiring the front derailleur to perform heroics lifting the chain over a wide gear spread.

The svelte little sidepull brakes are GB Coureur Plus models.

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