Dating and Christian Faith(fulness) Part 1

Many who come to Harvest USA battling a serious pornography problem are married. Some discussed their struggle with their spouses before getting married, while others kept it completely hidden. If sexual sin, past and present, can destroy a marriage, raising those questions before taking vows becomes a matter of wisdom. Younger generations of Christians, especially, have grown up with high-speed Internet and its ability to deliver pornography anywhere and at any time. Is that seen in how he or she acknowledges struggles, confesses sins, and shows evidence of repenting? Many couples never discuss sexual issues, much less struggles, even when the relationship is clearly heading for the altar. But these issues need to be brought into the open.

Extramarital Sex

Westminster Today – Westminster Theological Seminary. No More BibleBandaids page 10page Founded in , their goal is tocall the church back to the primacy of Scripture as the basis for pastoral care and counseling. In His service,Rev. Peter A. Lillback, President2 Westminster Today Summer

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He is married to Lauren Lambert and the father of their three children. Lambert was born on September 13, and grew up in Kentucky. He was raised by an alcoholic and abusive mother who hated him and kept him from his father whom he loved. He faced many near-death experiences at the hands of his mother and had an acute fear of going to hell when he died, but he did not know the message of salvation. A lady at his high school shared the gospel with Lambert and he put his trust in Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

He soon came to understand that God required him to let go of his hatred and forgive his mother. Over the course of many years, he shared the gospel with her. She eventually accepted it and was radically changed. Lambert attended Gordon College and received his Bachelor of Arts in biblical and theological studies and political science. Lambert pastors First Baptist Church of Jacksonville which is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and holds to their doctrinal statement as published in He has also written many articles for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.

If you are a Christian, you are a counselor.

We provide training to help you give wise counsel as you make disciples. As a Christian, you have the great blessing of the Holy Spirit dwelling within you. He will empower and enable you to give counsel to people in your life, regardless of any role or title you may or may not have.

It’s hard to overstate its impact on the dating conversation among believers. Also look for a seminar at this year’s CCEF conference that takes.

Fifty years ago there was no comprehensive model of counseling within believing Protestantism. How things have changed! Have you ever thought or said things like this? If your answer is yes, you have a lot of company. Most people, at least in some circumstances, think premarital sex is okay. Since God made you and also created sex, why not take the time to look at what he has to say about your sexuality and how it should be expressed?

You may be surprised at what you learn. For the full article, click here. He had made a profession of faith as a young child and lived, until recently, as a faith-filled disciple of Christ.

Journey to Biblical Counseling: An Interview with David Powlison

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Biblical Counseling Coalition : The BCC exists to strengthen churches, para-church organizations, and educational institutions by promoting excellence and unity in biblical counseling as a means to accomplish compassionate outreach and effective discipleship. Association of Biblical Counselors : ABC exists to encourage, equip, and empower people everywhere to live and counsel the Word, applying the Gospel to the whole experience of life.

Celebrate Recovery : Celebrate Recovery is a program designed to help those struggling with hurts, hang-ups, and habits by showing them the loving power of Jesus Christ through the recovery process. Find a group near you. Hope Redefined is a faith based ministry focused on supporting women facing sexual betrayal and offers support through online support groups, one to one coaching, an intensive healing retreat and community education.

Hope for the Heart : Hope for the Heart is a worldwide ministry with a two-fold mission: providing Bible-based counsel to renew minds, heal hearts, and bring hope to the hurting, while empowering Christians to disciple others. New Life Spirit Recovery : To educate, equip, treat and deliver Christ-centered solution to struggling addicts and alcoholics and their family members. To take our message and testimony of freedom from addiction through Jesus Christ to the community, church and beyond.

DFR exists to help people improve their most important relationships in life in a God-honoring way. Find help for: sexual abuse, emotional abuse, self-injury, eating disorders, substance abuse, gambling, terminally ill and troubled teens. Their goal is to reverse the cultural trend toward fatherlessness by helping every dad learn how to be a father.

Sex & Relationships TEST

Gospel-centred solutions that are fully biblical, Christ-exalting, Spirit-empowered, and graciously loving. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, grief, fear, addiction, suicidal thoughts, anger, loneliness, purposelessness, stress, relationships or worry etc. Should Christians play the dating game? How do you know if you are dating the right person? What are the things to look out for and to talk about before you get too serious?

Any Given Day – Q&A with Julie Lowe | CCEF. Today Julie Lowe shares what she is working on. As you read please pray for. Article from

Biblical counseling isn’t a form of therapeutic magic. It isn’t self-help. It isn’t wellness coaching. We use the Bible to enlighten both the content of our counsel and the methodology by which we practice. It is in the context of this relationship with Jesus that we believe you can experience lasting healing. Throwing out trite Bible verses and cliched Christian lingo is not our approach. We want to address a person holistically with our counseling- the physiological, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual components in all their complexity.

This can’t be done with isolated biblical snippets and unhelpful Christian platitudes.

Your Dating Relationship and Your Sexual Past: How Much to Share

You are in a serious, committed dating relationship, and you are thinking about marriage. Or perhaps you are already engaged and are eagerly counting down the weeks until your wedding. You wonder whether you need to share anything and, if yes, what you should share. Ellen Dykas explains that in order to start marriage on a healthy and solid footing, couples need to build a foundation of trust, vulnerability, and openness so they can make wise decisions about a lifetime of commitment.

Weaving in the beauty and freedom of the grace of Jesus, Ellen gives principles that will guide readers in how to walk in honesty and transparency with each other and encourage them to rest in the forgiveness of the Lord for their past.

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Our students attend our online classroom from all over India. Our classes are designed for anyone who wants to grow in biblical wisdom, learning to see life as God sees it and change as God does it. Our students are youth workers, small group leaders, pastors, medical doctors, home-school parents, lay people who want to be better equipped to help friends, those who will go on to be professional counselors, and many others.

The classroom is anywhere there is an internet connection. Online courses offer great flexibility, as you are able to fit lectures and assignments into your schedule. Watch or listen to lectures, access readings, submit assignments and engage with other students in an interactive community board. Students are given access to the online classroom two weeks prior to the official start date of the term.

Certificates demonstrate that a student has completed courses in our program. Students must complete all courses towards a particular certificate in a five-year period. All three certificates can be completed in one calendar year, through a combination of online and onsite courses.

Christian Biblical Counsel: CODEPENDENCY

Exploring the origins of the New Testament canon and other biblical and theological issues. Even so, if you asked the average Christian to define legalism, the answers may not come so quickly. What exactly counts as legalism? How do we know it when we see it?

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Tim Lane – What are the essential ingredients in churches that enable those in need to seek help?